Waynesborough Park in Goldsboro, NC. Family portraits by Evan Daniels Photography

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This little girl… my baby niece. The little angel that made me Uncle Ev! One thing that I haven’t been able to do for such a long time is actually blog photo sessions. I recently stopped working full time for a photography business in Wilmington, NC, due to our recent move to Charlotte, NC, and […]

Lynnon Rye Davis | 2nd Birthday Photoshoot

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Sara and Michael Hood… where do I even begin? I’ve known these guys since the beginning of time and I feel like I’ve been around the entire world with them. They’re the type of friends you can go months without seeing and as soon as you reconnect it’s like you saw each other yesterday. Sara […]

The Hoods | Graduation Session

Evan Daniels Photography, NC Wedding and Engagement Photographer.

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Sterling, (better known as Stirfry), and I played little league soccer together all the way up until high school. We graduated high school and went to separate universities, and if you know you know, it was hard to stay in touch with each other. Thankfully, Sterling recently accepted a job position in Wilmington and moved […]

Sterling + Katelynn | Couples Session

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Whitney is not only the first-cousin that I have, but she is truly the other sister I have always had aside from my actual sister. We’ve been through it all together and my heart could just burst with excitement because her and Chris are finally getting MARRIED!! Chris treats Whitney like the queen she is, […]

Whitney + Chris

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These two people are easily the most chill, CUTEST, and down to earth individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Hannah and I go wayyyy back, (Hannah we’re getting old…), and ever since then it has always been the easiest thing for us to have a good time together, no matter how long […]

Hannah + Glen | The Grantham House, Goldsboro NC

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I’M GOING TO BE A FREAKIN’ UNCLE! My sister and Luke are expecting their first baby and we are SOO excited! I think life is so crazy and beautiful. I still cannot get over the fact that in less than a year I will be meeting my first niece or nephew!! My whole family has […]

Leia, Luke + Baby D


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